SRO is a software platform designed to give you maximum flexibility and control over every aspect of ticketing and customer engagement.

The functionality and features allow the system to meet your specific business demands including the ability to process tens-of-thousands of tickets simultaneously. And, the core rules-based engine enables you to implement just about any ticket pricing and bundling scenario imaginable. Combine that with an open API, web-based architecture and you can configure the entire customer ticketing process any way you want.

SRO advanced features include:

  • Dynamic automation of ticket prices, packages, and availability
  • Promotional prompts to encourage up-selling and cross-selling
  • Fully customizable ticketing process and workflow including every field and screen
  • Group sales and group scheduling
  • Flexible document designer to create custom tickets, forms, and emails
  • Easy-to-build seating configurations for any size room or venue
  • User-defined reports with export to various file formats and third-party systems including MailChimp
  • A single basket approach for managing any item within the system; whether selling tickets, subscriptions, packages, or taking a donation