Company History

Toptix was formed in 2000 and is the result of the passion of one software developer who believed he could bring a new system to market that would offer clients and customers a more efficient user experience. Knocked back a few times by investors he was not deterred and since 2000 we have seen SRO (Standing Room Only) steadily build to now having over 750 clients globally and with over 100 employees in over 16 territories to distribute, develop and support SRO.

In 2000 SRO3 was the first system to offer the customer the ability to select a seat online. From that moment forward SRO has led the market in being the first to introduce the ability for customers to manage their own accounts online in 2003, Print at Home was available in 2005, the ability to view from seat went live in 2006 each year a new piece of functionality leading the sector and building an enviable reputation as software development experts who know their sector.

When it was time to approach the market place it was essential to make sure that the system could be deployed and supported in the best way possible for the countries targeted by the owners of Toptix. The most successful route to market was to become the ‘white labelled’ or own branded system for a third party such as Smartfan in South Africa. We have also opened our own offices in UK, North America and Italy where we deliver SRO4 under our locally branded companies.

While the success of SRO3 was the main focus for Toptix our Development Team were preparing for the next generation of ticketing system – researching, testing, planning and developing. In 2010 SRO4 was introduced – a ground up rewrite of our system taking the very best from SRO3 including so much additional functionality on a new, improved and modern infrastructure. We were .Net friendly ready for the next generation of users and organisations to embrace our systems into their businesses.

In 2014, SRO4 is the business critical system in organisations such as theatres, visitor attractions, sports stadia, cathedrals, arts centres and many more. Our clients are selling tickets, managing memberships, upselling merchandise items, renewing subscriptions/ season tickets, designing and booking education and group visits to their buildings and all of this both online and in the Box Office.

We are excited about the future and how SRO4 will continue to support our clients in understanding their audiences and increasing their efficiency and in turn revenues.