Toptix was formed in 2000 by two founders, Yehuda Yuval and Eli Dagan, who shared a passion for the ticketing industry and success of creating technology innovations. Yehuda and Eli formed TopTix with a mission to lead the industry in innovation by bringing together the most dedicated and experienced people in the business to create a “bee hive” culture of empowerment and super efficiency.

In 2000, SRO (Standing Room Only) was launched as the first system to offer customers the ability to select a seat online. From that moment forward TopTix has been first to market with many other industry firsts including the ability for customers to manage their own accounts online in 2003, print-at-home in 2005, and get a view from seat perspective in 2006.

In 2010, the company completed a ground up rewrite of the SRO system taking the very best from the original system and adding functionality on a new, improved and modern infrastructure. We were open/cloud computing ready for the digital generation before anyone else. Today, SRO has evolved into a business critical system for over 500 clients, in 16 countries. We couldn’t be more proud of our 100+ dedicated employees around the world.

Our Mission:

  • Lead the industry in innovations that enable our partner organizations to create the very best customer experience

Our Values:

  • Leadership in Technology
  • Highest Quality Industry Standards
  • Long-term client PARTNERSHIPS based on Trust

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