From a Box Office perspective, SRO is so much easier to manage and manipulate to achieve our unique ticketing needs from day to day. While we’re still learning the finer details of report and query building, our reports have already proven to be simple to read/understand, visually appealing, and accurate! There are so many useful things that we can now do quite easily in SRO that we would never have been able to accomplish in our previous ticketing system.

“Possibly the best part is the support we’re getting from the TopTix team. Those wonderful people are friendly, results-driven, and fast! Did I mention that they’re all so pleasant and easy to get along with? You bet I did, and I’ll say it again because these essential qualities seem to be withering in the support industry, in general. And if you can’t enjoy a professional yet relaxed relationship with your support team, well…what’s to enjoy? I really love these rock stars!”

Alex C. Dembicki, Box Office Manager, Central City Opera

Central City Opera

Less than an hour from Denver, Colorado in a lush Rocky Mountain setting, Central City Opera is among Colorado’s elite summer music festivals. The second oldest annual professional opera festival in the country (and the fifth-oldest opera company), the company continues to make history with a range of productions each summer including opera favorites, new and rarely performed pieces, and American works.


There were three key challenges we needed to overcome when we started the hunt for a new ticketing platform:

  • Clear, accurate, and more robust reporting capabilities
  • A more modern, powerful, and user friendly ticket sales environment
  • A better looking and functioning online sales environment

It was extremely difficult to sell or exchange tickets, the most basic function of any ticketing system, and the reporting was difficult to interpret and unreliable, to say the least. The online sales part was simply clunky and also unreliable, and was avoided by patrons and employees alike.