Thanks to TicketServ and SRO, Drum Theatre now has a sophisticated ticketing system that can handle their selling requests for high volume internet sales, activate links to third party exclusive offers, and easily react to required changes during the sales process. SRO’s automated reports have improved Drum Theatre’s information flow to clients and the theatre’s management team has said that they frequently utilize the system’s ability to track marketing campaigns. Drum Theatre’s internet sales have increased by 10% since they implemented SRO and they have said that the Greater Dandenong city council has enjoyed using SRO’s ticketing services as well.

“The move to SRO has been the best business decision we have made and allows us to have a can do attitude. The TicketServ Team has [also] provided excellent support [along with] a positive attitude and enthusiasm for SRO. We look forward to growing our business and the services we can offer our clients and we know that we will have their backing.”

Cheryl Rush, Business Services Coordinator, Drum Theatre

Drum Theatre

Opened 10 years ago in one of the most culturally diverse communities in Australia, Drum Theatre is a vibrant performing arts venue that offers a wide program annually. The theatre, which lies within a population growth corridor in metro Melbourne and is central to the revitalized City of Greater Dandenong, hosts performances by professional touring companies and local community groups. Drum tickets in-house theatre events, workshops, and food tours and also provides a ticketing service for festivals and sports and recreation events.


Drum Theatre wanted a ticketing solution that would enable them to offer efficient online sales and that would also be able to adapt to new technologies in ticketing. In other words, the theatre’s management team wanted a system that would provide streamlined selling and would also be able to handle everything from simple to very complex requirements through strong CRM and reporting capabilities.