SRO’s dynamic pricing allows us to set visit price automatically based on group size, visit date, special requirements, etc. To admit visitors we use SRO’s integral Access Control
system with hand-held, wireless scanners. This enables us to quickly admit groups of any size.

“We are very happy with the results. Our staff can handle resources more efficiently while having an overall view at their fingertips.”

Sharon Yanai, Head of IT, Madatech Museum

Madatech, National Museum of Science Technology and Space

Madatech—Israel’s National Museum of Science, Technology and Space—is Israel’s largest science museum, featuring over 600 hands-on exhibits and a multi-sense 3-D movie theatre.


School visits were our biggest challenge. In a school year, Madatech’s 7 educational centers deliver a variety of 300 sessions to more than 2000 groups, in our 6 demonstration halls and our 13 advanced and well equipped labs. We needed a system to manage our resources efficiently so we will be able to provide an endto-end solution for group visits, starting from the initial contact, through ordering, sending out quotations, booking, catching cinema seats, assigning guides, printing visit schedules, and billing.