Ravinia implemented SRO prior to the 2015 selling season and for the first time, opened the website to full customer access, enabling unlimited concurrent ticket sales. SRO performed flawlessly selling over 26,000 tickets in the first 30 minutes alone. On top of that Ravinia, was able to sell “add-ons” such as chair and table rentals and dining experiences. Something they had never been able to do before.

“We experienced such an outpouring of appreciation from our patrons that it was really quite gratifying. SRO is a very clever system and we’ve only just begun to tap into the wealth of conveniences it offers our customers and the efficiencies it offers our staff. I want to express my sincere thanks to the TopTix support team. They are really top notch.”

Angus Watson, Director of Ticket Operations, Ravinia Festival

Ravinia Festival

Ravinia Festival is North America’s oldest music festival and stands today as its most musically diverse, presenting over 120 different events throughout the summer. These concerts run the gamut from Yo-Yo Ma to John Legend to the annual summer residency of the nation’s finest orchestra, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


On a single day every April, Ravinia puts tickets to more than 100 summer conerts on sale to the public selling tens of thousands of tickets in a few hours. This includes simultaneously selling tickets to four venues: its 3,400-seat covered Pavilion; its 12,500-seat general-admission lawn; its 850-seat Martin Theatre; and its most intimate space, the 450-seat Bennett Gordon Hall. In past years, Ravinia had to limit capacity to the website and the number of tickets that could be sold concurrently.