After a thorough selection process, SeatGeek chose TopTix and the advanced SRO software system. The key criteria that set TopTix apart from other ticketing companies included SRO’s ability to process thousands of tickets simultaneously; its open API to integrate with SeatGeek’s cutting edge mobile consumer experience as well as other services and allow for a seamless exchange of data; and its rules-based engine, which enables dynamic pricing and promotions that respond to customer activity and needs.

“I looked at dozens of different ticketing companies as part of the evaluation of this process. I have never seen a ticketing software, in all my years of business, that is as sophisticated and flexible as the TopTix SRO software.”

Jeff Ianello, Executive Vice President, SeatGeek

“We were seeking a partner who shared the same vision for an open ecosystem and can support us with backend software to support our primary ticketing needs. We couldn’t be more pleased with TopTix. The team is comprised of some of the best people in the industry and the SRO software is really impressive.”

Jack Groetzinger, Co-Founder, SeatGeek


SeatGeek and Major League Soccer formed an agreement to develop a radically open ticketing ecosystem that will be rolled out to all of the MLS clubs.  The new integrated platform will be built to optimize mobile commerce and create a seamless bridge between the primary and secondary ticket markets.


SeatGeek and Major League Soccer needed a robust and flexible ticketing software that could serve as the backend system for primary tickets to be sold, fulfilled and delivered on any site or mobile application of the teams’ choosing.