TopTix distributor partner ESB.TSB won the bid for the city of Bruges on the strength of their standing in the market and the power of SRO, which has proven to be a more innovative tool for ticketing and marketing than ever imagined. The city now has over 30 theatres, museums and festivals on the network selling over 1 million tickets and generating $7 million annually. The City Hub has become a leading example for city marketeers throughout Europe.

“Thanks to the ticketing expertise of ESB.TSB, the city of Bruges is rapidly modernizing. Because we can now work together on one platform, all of our partner organizations can offer better service to the visitors of this region. SRO enables us to improve our marketing and our ticketing, all at once. And best of all, users work together to exchange ideas to increase potential and feel that with SRO, they took a giant leap into the 21st century.”

Stefaan Geldhof, Head of ICT & Ticketing, City of Bruges

The city of Bruges

The city of Bruges, Belgium is a leading European center of fine arts, theatre and music. It was named Cultural Capital of Europe in 2002. Belgium is a small country, but it has hundreds of venues for performing arts and museums. Especially in Bruges, where tourism is one of the main driving forces behind their strong economy, numerous venues and tourism attractions are scattered throughout the city.


The city of Bruges set out to create a City Hub. A one-stop-shopping point for all visitors and all venues. But every venue had its own schematics (maps, seating plan), ticket prices, and specific needs for customer relations management. The city made a list of 236 crucial requirements in all. It wanted flexibility to organize festivals in various locations, the ability to easily add new venues, and flexibility to scale as needed with seasonal and event demands.