CW Entertainment—Community Minded and Commercially Orientated

Quite a vision statement from Mark Woolman, General Manager of Campus West Welwyn Garden City made as we started talking about how SRO4 is now used to handle ALL their sales needs—ticketing, bars, cafe, soft play………to find out how SRO4 is working hard for CW Entertainment.

To read more about CW Entertainment please view the case study.

About TopTix, Ltd.

Since 2000, TopTix, Ltd ( has been supplying software for ticketing, fundraising and customer relationship management. Our flagship platform SRO (Standing Room Only) supports over 500 institutions, processing 80 million tickets a year. Our client base including museums, theaters, festivals, stadiums, arenas, sporting organizations, concert halls, and visitor attractions spans 16 countries, including such well known organizations as: The Royal Concertgebouw, the Netherlands; J. Paul Getty Museum, College Football Hall of Fame, Ravinia Festival, USA; English National Opera, West Bromwich Albion Football Club, UK; Joburg Theatre, South Africa.