You want to make it easy for patrons to give what they want, when they want, and how they want–whether it’s a one-time gift, a recurring gift, a tribute gift, a major gift, or a planned gift. The SRO Fundraising module is designed with flexibility and scalability to support not only the way your donors prefer to give, but increase organizational efficiency by consolidating data analysis communication processes. Here are some key functionalities of SRO, that when combined give you a holistic approach to manage every aspect of patron fundraising and constituent relationships:
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  • Addressee/Salutation capabilities – Captures the preferred addressee and salutation for each patron with flexibility in how the names are shown on reports.
  • Pledge and Recurring Gifts – Manage specific tasks such as write off and adjustments allowing for full management of pledges and recurring gifts, and reporting on overall liability.
  • Administrative Ease – All donation-based campaigns, appeals, marketing jobs, and marketing documents are located under the ‘Donations Module’ for ease of access and administration.
  • File Import for Membership Transactions – Allows for importing memberships from a CSV file in bulk. This includes creating any necessary transaction records including entry of non-credit card based payments needed to have visibility on the client record.
  • File Import for Donation Transactions – import donations from a file, create new or match with existing clients and apply non credit card based payments through a batch transaction.
  • Anonymous Donations – Gives patrons the option of making an anonymous donation. Can be at the client/account level or with each individual donation.
  • In Kind Donations – These are donations given where a physical item of value is presented in-lieu-of cash. These items, such as paintings, sculptures, services, or stock will be presented to the organization and the Donor will receive an ‘in kind donation’ for the estimated value of the item donated.
  • Tribute Processing –Allows for entering a special message (e.g. “in remembrance of”) at the time of donation, which will be entered on the documents and acknowledgements.
  • Soft Credits – This provides the ability to indicate that someone other than the donor should be able to receive ‘benefit’ or credit for the donation given by a donor.
  • Matching Gifts – These are gifts given in addition to another donor’s giving. Typically these are used with corporations where an employee will donate to an organization and the employer will ‘match’ the gift at a defined percentage or up to a certain amount.
  • Donation of Tickets – Provides patrons the option of donating tickets with proceeds going to a select fund. Your organization may also enable the value of the tickets go towards ‘loyalty points’. Or be put on patron’s account for future use.
  • Prescribed Reports – Pre-set reports such as ‘Aging Reports’, ‘Constituent Profile’ and ‘General Fund Analysis’ allow your organizations to get a clear view of customer status as well as any pledges or receivables that are owed.

Fundraising Features in Development:

  • Moves Management and Prospecting – This allows for the seamless tracking of customer information such as emails, phone calls, meetings, if a client ‘moves’ from one place to another in the database.
  • Solicitation Management – Allows for the assigning of Sales Representative to accounts including setting and tracking revenue goals. Additional processes and reports support percent of goal obtained and probability of achieving the goal.
  • Planned Giving (Death Benefit) – Planned Giving donations are carefully tracked including sequential follow-up dates in place to ensure the gifts are properly accounted for and collected.
  • Major Gift Processing – This includes Endowments to the organization and Grants processing to ensure that all due dates and communications regarding the donation is tracked and handled properly.