SeatGeek Utilizing TopTix Software for New MLS Partnership

Secondary ticketing company SeatGeek will begin using TopTix software in their new partnership with Major League Soccer. TopTix’s backend platform will not only help SeatGeek balance primary and secondary ticketing, but may also redefine ticketing markets for good.

In order to move into the primary market, SeatGeek recently announced a partnership with TopTix, a firm that develops software for ticketing, marketing, CRM, merchandise sales, fundraising, loyalty and access management.

“I looked at dozens of different ticketing companies as part of the evaluation of this process,” Jeff Ianello, Executive VP with SeatGeek told Amplify. “I have never seen a ticketing software, in all my years of business, that is as sophisticated and flexible as the TopTix software.”

TopTix’s SRO4  (the fourth generation of Standing Room Only) software will provide SeatGeek with essential backend functionality for primary tickets to be sold, fulfilled and delivered on any site or mobile application of an organization’s choosing. SRO4 has the ability to process thousands of tickets simultaneously, which enables dynamic pricing and promotions that respond to customer activity and needs.

“This marriage between SeatGeek and TopTix is merging primary and secondary at one place, but also opening up the ecosystem so that many different legitimate vendors can sell content owner’s products,” Fred Maglione, TopTix’s Executive Chairman Americas told Amplify. “The ultimate goal is to deliver a platform to the content owner that is truly open, so that the content owners are free to make deals with whatever retailer makes sense for them.”

Using advanced barcodes and APIs, content owners will be able to broaden where their tickets are sold and reach larger audiences of potential consumers which will force the market to reconsider the term open.

“Open distribution is when a property can make the choice themselves,” Ianello said. “My take is, it’s funny how when you become a really big, powerful ticketing company, you now feel like you have the ability to change the dictionary term of open.”

With this new merger, properties, artists, or teams will have the ability to broker deals with as many third parties as they like and still be able to authenticate the tickets. The same ticket can be available on multiple sites including SeatGeek “and when the ticket is sold the other 10, 15, 20 different sites will stop selling the ticket in real time,” explained Ianello.

SeatGeek and Major League Soccer announced last Wednesday the groundbreaking multi-year partnership agreement focused on the development of SeatGeek’s open ticketing ecosystem with TopTix. Through the partnership, SeatGeek will become the official ticketing partner of MLS and collaborate with the league and its clubs to introduce the integrated ticketing platform that will be made available to all clubs. The first club signed on with SeatGeek is Sporting Kansas City and will start providing tickets through SeatGeek next year. Ianello expects many more clubs to sign on with SeatGeek in the coming years as their individual contracts with other ticketing companies expire.

“It was refreshing to have a league that is pushing the limits of being progressive and really wanting to focus on what is best for their clubs and what is best for their fans,” Ianello said. “And that is getting more distribution.”

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