As an API based platform, SRO is designed to give our client partners the ability to extend and configure the system to achieve customized workflows and service integrations.

TopTix is proud to showcase the following development partners who have earned certification and full access to the SRO API. Below is an introduction to these organizations and the work they have performed on behalf of TopTix clients.



Catch is a full-service digital agency based in London and Madrid, specialising in collaborating with clients through strategic planning, UX, design, development and beyond!

Catch has over a decade’s worth of experience building complex bespoke API integrations into the Drupal content management framework.


Catch has been the digital agency for the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) ​for three years, partnering on a variety of workstreams from the main website (, to an eCommerce gift shop ( to apps and games.

Over the last year, Catch has collaborated with TopTix and ZSL to seamlessly integrate the website with SRO, in order to allow for a unified, responsive end to end sales journey for ticketing, events, activities, memberships and more.




Ingresso is a technology company that has built a global distribution system for the entertainment industry through its middle-ware platform that connects directly into multiple, ticketing systems. This allows low cost distribution of time and date specific tickets in a seamless, dynamic environment.


Ingresso, a TopTix Partner, is proud to have been the first pioneer of API ticketing in London’s West End and has the largest network of connected venues. Within the TopTix Network, Ingresso is already working with the London Coliseum. Now ready to expand our horizons, we look forward to discussing how we can help market your venue and distribute your inventory to new audiences.



Pogoseat provides a technology that allows sports teams and live-entertainment venues to sell unused seat inventory as seat upgrades both before and during events. It also allows them to sell real-time VIP experiences, merchandise and other inventory through a mobile web app. Pogoseat is 100% white-labeled; they provide the back end technology to run the upgrade/upsell platform.

Pogoseat has offices in both the UK & US and their technology is utilised by a plethora of venues across several professional sports leagues such as MLB, NBA, MLS, NFL, NHL and the English Football League, as well as entertainment groups such as AEG and Cirque Du Soleil.


By plugging directly into SRO, Pogoseat stays in constant communication with it, maintaining constant parity with the state of all available inventory. Pogoseat can recognise your customer’s original transaction details when they choose to upgrade their seats and/or sign in as a season ticket holder via the clients native or mobile web app. Properties manage their inventory and existing system audits directly from their SRO database, eliminating any expense or time associated with trying to learn a new system.




Creative, technical and market aware, Stunn have 20 years of design and development experience across arts & leisure, transport, automotive, 3rd sector, professional and financial services. Working on on digital and cross channel projects for a huge variety of high profile organisations, we are a full stack agency working on UX, prototyping, creative, server technologies, database development, HTML, CSS, e-commerce, security, analytics and conversion rate optimization for high volume and enterprise web solutions, touch screen and mobile applications.

We are currently a team of 12 strategists, designers and developers with positions open for further developers and UX practitioners.


The Rep is an enterprise project with a bespoke CMS that is to eventually drive 3 web sites, two of which feature SR04 integrations. We were instructed with a view to tackling an extremely complex UX challenge and taking the online booking processes for the Birmingham Rep and “Box” web sites out of iframes to a fully featured API integration. The solution is fully responsive and trackable via analytics throughout the visitor journey(s). Graphical seat selection and transaction completion are responsively designed and elegant on both mobile and desktop.

The SR04 integration undertaken is wide reaching, bringing membership management, show information, seat selection and a customised shopping cart functionality out of the iframe and embedded onto the site, it has also been designed and built to support dynamic pricing. The Rep customer benefits from a more accessible solution that leverages much of the power of SR04, our customer benefits from sales by mobile, simple management and powerful reporting on both sides of the purchase journey.


  • Consultancy

  • UX / UI workshops & prototyping

  • Database design

  • Creative & web design

  • SR04 integration

  • Bespoke CMS

  • Server administration

  • Maintenance and Management

  • Analytics and reporting



Karl Baxter, Managing Director

0121 616 0093


We are Zicht online, an online agency for creative technology. Zicht is located in the heart of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Founded in 1996, Zicht online has a long track record in the online business. We Design, Develop and Deliver platforms and applications for brands in the Netherlands and internationally. Our ambition is to create great user experiences that fit consumer needs and contribute to business goals. Our creative team uses flexible technology  and high standard proven open source frameworks and software in our productions.

Zicht has a broad experience in online ticketing, dating back to 2003 with the Robeco Summer Concerts websites. Since 2011 we  work with TopTix to deliver online ticketing over the API for top venues that use the SRO ticketing system. In 2016 we strengthened our cooperation with TopTix and became an official integration partner.


Over the past 5 years we’ve developed TicketTrigger as an alternative front end to SRO for online ticketing. TicketTrigger allows organisations using SRO to apply custom design, flows and functionality in the ticketing flow. It uses the extensive SOAP API of SRO and does not require eSRO. With our TicketTrigger product we help organisations who care for user experience ànd conversion to get the most out of SRO

TicketTrigger offers a large number of features. In short these comprise of:

  • Fully responsive order flows for different types of products

  • Account pages

  • Fast checkout flow with upsell, automatic delivery and payment options selection

  • Extensive support for online sales and renewal of different series configurations

  • Downloadable E-tickets, Passbook, Mobile tickets

  • Extensive support for rule based limitations, dates, prices  and availability

  • Guest checkout solution (no account required)

Advanced Area & Seat picker

An important part of online ticket sales is the selection of seats. Zicht developed a custom area- & seat picker component that integrates seamless in the order flow. It makes use of the halls you draw in SRO and does not require an action on our side when you add or changes halls.

Seat availability and selection is in real time sync with your SRO backend.

Build to integrate

TicketTrigger is build to integrate. We offer various options to make it easy for your web team to integrate the ticketing functionality in your website.

  • Data feed for import into any CMS or CRM system

  • Custom JSONRest API for specific business needs (search/read/create/edit)

  • Oauth 2 Resource / Authorization Server & Client functions

  • Status feeds for user and basket information, order history etc.

  • Real time personalised event availability and sale status to show up-to-date order buttons.

The Ticket Trigger solution is offered on a project basis and will be tailored to the needs of your venue. It can be either cloud hosted or on-prem.

Call or mail us to learn more about the Ticket Trigger solution.


Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen


Zicht online (Dutch) (English)

Sybolt Ettema

+31 10 22 10 200