Centralize all your customer transactions and data management using one user-friendly, flexible system.

Communication is key. With this in mind we developed SRO4 with a powerful CRM system that gives our clients the ability to segment specific customer data, allowing them to ensure the right people are getting the right communications to maximize every customer engagement.

All departments utilize the same central hub and interface to manage and create a seamless customer experience, including ticket and subscription sales, merchandise purchases, memberships, donations, loyalty programs, and marketing communications. All customer interactions are unified under a single record to provide a rich and detailed history of your organizations relationship with each and every customer or group.

Reporting is fundamental to any system, and SRO4 is no different as our tools are ready for every scenario…‘set and forget’ automated emails to support agents and promoters for the Box Office;  real-time reporting and ad-hoc queries for Marketing;  and up-to-the-minute charts and graphs of fundraising campaigns displayed in a live dashboard for Directors. SRO4 can address literally thousands of reporting needs, from every department.

Technology innovation is our core strength and we’ve re-engineered SRO, incorporating the best, richest functionality of previous versions and continually add new features to a scalable, flexible platform capable of addressing any ticketing challenges.

Available as both a cloud based solution or as a server-based installation on our partner’s local network, SRO4 is adaptable to any situation.

Ask us how SRO4 can help grow your business today and into the future.