SRO4 – A solution for everyone in the organisation

SRO4 is the central hub of data from which all of your business strands can get the information they need to create strong, rewarding and fully engaged relationships with your customers.

Ticket and subscription sales, merchandise purchases, memberships, donations, gift aid records, loyalty programs, marketing communications – all of this information and more, is tied together under the customer record to provide a rich and detailed history of the relationship between your organisation and your customer.

Communication is key, so with this in mind; we have developed a powerful CRM system that gives you the ability to effortlessly segment your customer data, allowing you to ensure the right people are getting the right communications to maximise your engagement and sales.

Reporting is fundamental in any system, and SRO4 is no different. The tools are all included for any scenario; Box Office need ‘set and forget’ scheduling for sales reports for agents and promoters that can be automatically emailed, Marketing like building on-the-fly “I wonder how many…” style reports, Directors need up to the minute charts and graphs of Fundraising campaigns displayed in a live dashboard. SRO4’s dynamic reporting solutions have these and many more areas covered.

Technology is our strength, so we’ve built upon the rich functionality of previous versions of our market leading software, and created a modern platform that can effortlessly deal with the challenges of today’s ticketing world.

SRO has always been at the forefront of ticketing technology; being first to market with Select Your Own Seat, Print at Home ticketing, online ‘View from Seat’, Dynamic Pricing, and was also the first system to address PCI compliance.

Since its release, SRO4 has been implemented at many existing TopTix client venues as an upgrade from SRO3, and has also won over a variety of new customers who had outgrown the limitations of their existing systems.

Available as both a cloud based solution, or as an server-based installation on your local network, SRO4 is adaptable to any situation

Talk to us if selling tickets to customers is at the heart of what you do.