SRO is designed to simplify the sales process and optimize every customer engagement opportunity.

The Single Basket Approach facilitates the sale, reservation or management of any item within the system.

Adding customer details and payments is done in the basket to minimize the number of clicks required to process a transaction.

The Rules-Based Engine is used to set dynamic calculations such as the amount an item is worth to an individual at a specific point in time.

For example, “what is the cost of a top price ticket to the opening night of the opera, bought online, to be mailed to an address in Boston between 10 and 10:30 am on the first day that tickets are sold? By the way, the customer buying the ticket has earned over 500 loyalty points in the last 6 months so you should offer a series subscription with a 10% reduction off.” All details are instantly factored into the pricing equation.

rules based engine

rules based engine

Use the Rules-Based Engine to set dynamic pricing and conditions for discounts.

The Document Designer is used to create personalized, customer-facing documents that are fully branded for organizations including tickets, vouchers, forms, donor letters and confirmation emails with special offers.

hall designer
The Hall Designer is a visual drag & drop tool with flexible options for creating halls, auditoriums, arenas and conference rooms.

Loyalty – SRO introduces a points program aimed at promoting repeat business (through Loyalty Points) as well as providing your organization with a way to gauge a patron’s organizational value over time (Quality Points). Administrators may use the Rules-Based Engine to determine when and how patrons may earn Loyalty Points or Quality Points.

Online Purchase Experience – All products that are sold at the box office can also be sold over the Internet including tickets, membership cards, merchandise and gift vouchers.


The supplied interface and design can be modified as appropriate.


Using iFrame Integration with the main content site.

Concert Gebouw

Using the API supplied with the system to configure the sales process and promote all services.

SRO ensures a seamless patron experience at every touch point

Responsive Web Design
Has the look and feel of your branded web site, whether on a PC, tablet or mobile device.

Social Media Integration
Members can use their Facebook and Google credentials to log into your web portal.

In the lobby or at remote locations, kiosks can be deployed for direct ticket sales or delivery.

Access Support
SRO works with your access control requirements, whether standard tickets, member cards or mobile RFID.