A ticketing system that understands the needs of ticket agencies and city networks


When you are managing ticketing and data security across multiple organizations and venues, you need a technology solution that can be set up to empower your sales teams to deliver outstanding service and maximize your return on every transaction.

SRO is a next generation ticketing and marketing system that provides all-in-one multi-venue ticketing capabilities. The architecture is highly configurable and capable of integrating with any other sales channel or inventory holder.

Maximize Revenue potential
  • Unlimited number of venue locations and sales outlets
  • Dynamic booking fees with all agents

Set discrete access permission for each agent and venue
  • Establish and change seat allocations
  • Maintain unique inventory for each event and establish rules for information sharing

Sell all products online that are sold from the back office
  • Fully mobile responsive E-ticketing deployment via out-of-the-box website UI including full support for iFrame or API integration
  • Easily scalable to handle thousands of concurrent transactions

Manage all of your Reporting needs with the powerful reports writer
  • Consolidated reports for event organizer
  • Create and schedule reports to analyze agent, venue and event sales data

Enjoy the ease of a single screen interface for system administrators
  • All customer transactions are managed through a single basket
  • Multi-currency capabilities to increase market options

Leverage the SRO open API to integrate with other services
  • SDK for ease of development between applications
  • Existing integrations with MailChimp, SKIDATA, FortressGB, dotmailer, PayPal, Passbook and more

rules based engine

Request The SRO Platform Overview Document

Learn more about SRO including the rules-based engine that enables you to set dynamic pricing and resource allocations that respond to hundreds of variables including capacity, date, time and patron status.

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