TopTix Seeks Expansion of Global Distribution Partners

Karmiel, Israel (March 30, 2016)—Yehuda Yuval, Co-Founder of TopTix, LTD, a supplier of ticketing, fundraising and customer relationship management software, announced that the company is seeking to expand its global operations by adding sales representation for its SRO4 platform in six more countries this year including China. The current TopTix client base includes over 500 clients and spans sixteen countries including the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

“SRO4 has proven to be an invaluable tool to many different types and sizes of sports and entertainment organizations around the world. Because of the incredible flexibility and scalability of SRO4, it is well suited for different market verticals with diverse ticketing needs,” said Yuval. “It is helpful that we have many success stories to share from our sports, museum, attraction, and performing arts clients.”

One such region that has experienced great success is The Benelux Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) represented by long-time partner ESB.TSB. SRO4 powers ticketing and CRM for a diverse group of clients, including the famous Royal Orchestra and prestigious Concertgebouw (Concert Hall) in Amsterdam, the Royal Dutch Football League including 30 teams, and the City of Bruges “City Hub” ticketing system which is quickly becoming a leading example for city marketers throughout Europe.

Stefaan Geldhof, Head of ICT & Ticketing for the City of Bruges, said this of the platform. “SRO4 enables us to improve our marketing and our ticketing, all at once. And best of all, users work together to exchange ideas to increase potential and feel that with SRO4, they took a giant leap into the 21st century.”

TopTix is experiencing steady growth in all markets worldwide, but Yuval believes that one of the biggest opportunities for distribution partners is with sports. “When I hear about what sports clubs across Europe and college sports in the U.S. want from a ticketing system, I get very excited. Their needs align very well with the capabilities and features of SRO4 that we started building seven years ago.”

Some key features of SRO4 include:

  • Multi-product processing of tickets, season tickets, subscriptions, donations, group sales, gift vouchers, gift cards, and merchandise
  • Multi-channel sales through box office, web, mobile, kiosks, agents, distributors, portals, social media
  • Global capability – supports multiple languages, currencies and time zones
  • Screen design tools make it fully configurable for every client, down to an individual user level
  • Dynamic pricing, price breaks, packages, commissions, fulfillment
  • Dynamic cross selling and up selling capabilities
  • An SDK with the scope and flexibility to accommodate any clients’ needs, of any size
  • Massive scalability to support high volume ticketing
  • Multi-tenant solution enables enterprise class product for smaller venues
  • Open system to facilitate deep integration with 3rd party providers

Mr. Yuval is personally spearheading the efforts to identify global distribution partners and is meeting with all qualified individuals, including: ticketing system and adjacent technology providers, system integrators, software implementation specialists and consultants, as well as ticketing agencies. He encourages anyone interested in learning more about TopTix and opportunities as a distribution representative to send inquiries to

About TopTix, Ltd.

Since 2000, TopTix, Ltd ( has been supplying software for ticketing, fundraising and customer relationship management. Our flagship platform SRO (Standing Room Only) supports over 500 institutions, processing 80 million tickets a year. Our client base including museums, theaters, festivals, stadiums, arenas, sporting organizations, concert halls, and visitor attractions spans 16 countries, including such well known organizations as: The Royal Concertgebouw, the Netherlands; J. Paul Getty Museum, College Football Hall of Fame, Ravinia Festival, USA; English National Opera, West Bromwich Albion Football Club, UK; Joburg Theatre, South Africa.

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